Sunday, July 2, 2017

Seawashed Shores

"...there was only the sound of the sea." Virginia Woolf

"...with the salt wind from the sea." Daphne du Maurier

"The sea, the sea, the sea.  
It rolled and rolled and called to me.  Come in, it said, come in." 
Sharon Creech

"The castle of Cair Paravel on its little hill towered up above them;  before them were the sands, with rocks and little pools of salt water, and seaweed, and the smell of the sea and long miles of bluish green waves breaking forever and ever on the beach."  
C.S. Lewis

Summer Sea & 
Seawashed shores

Clam Beach is 8 miles from my daughter's studio home.  She lives far North on the Humboldt Coast surrounded by redwoods.  She is in her element while studying to become a Wildlife Biologist.  The quiet shores of Clam Beach are always covered with driftwood and broken clam shells.  An abundance of treasure from the sea to gather and bring home to Sea Cottage.  A large piece of driftwood...the newest Seawashed gem is placed near the whitewashed Moroccan mirror like art.  The dark mystical blues of the Northern sea water is restorative for the soul.  The Summer Sea a pure balm.  

washed by the sea

Driftwood with hand-painted words will soon be in the SHOP and new Seawashed Beads with Oyster shells found on our California shores.  

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Sea Dust

"And the sea trickling out of my eye as if I'd always carried it inside me..."
Cisneros Sandra

"It's bright pinky-white sand made entirely of shell dust, like star dust, among which, if you sifted it with your fingers, were infant shells as small as the grains but perfectly shaped. Scattered over the surface were larger shells of many kinds and shapes, some as delicate as flower petals, others, though small, built to withstand any battering sea." L.M. Boston

in an ocean worn patina

Hand painted prayer beads in layers of pure white. Slightly distressed...in a patina as if tossed and turned by the waves of the ocean deep. 

 Unique seashells gathered from our Pacific shores brought home for creating Seawashed Summer treasures for the Shop.  

Summer by the sea...
days of sea dust and water silk.
washed by the sea